About Us

Chanell Banks

Boutique owner

Brave is the untamed ,moody closet growing under the owner, Chanell Banks; a NYC native with an obsessive love for style. 

What is Brave? 

Brave is a Mood in Style. Date night, Girls Night, Vacation, A Break up, Gym, Brunch! The MOODS! (Of life) *snaps fingers* 

How you feeling??

Who is the Brave Client? 

The “moody stylish fashionista” The “Minimalist” The “I need a change” butterfly. The “I really like that BUT it’s not me” The “I’m to old for that” 

Whatever you say to not wear something you like. 

Everything in our Catalog goes with something in our Catalog. Or C.Banks can suggest how to wear it, with what you already have. 

“I can put looks together in my head”

Some people know what they like, but they won't buy it or wear it. They admire it from afar. Or they compliment someone else with an "I wish I could do that, but... or I've always wanted to do that, but..."

DO IT! Because it can be done! 

Challenge yourself to BE BRAVE.

                                                                        *ALL SALES FINAL*